When We Need To Defend The Faith

Have you ever been talking with someone and they say something that you know is not Biblically correct? When you hear it, you may just smile and say nothing. Or, maybe there have been times when you have spoken up and offered a correction to what has been said. I find myself in this position at times. So what do we do?
I mean, we are living in the day of “political correctness” so, do we keep our mouths shut and be politically correct or, do we speak up? We are also living in a day of “tolerance;” a time where every religious faith is encouraged to be tolerant of another’s beliefs. So, what do we do? Do we speak up and run the risk of alienating someone or, do we keep our mouths shut?
In the book of Jude we are challenged to “defend the faith that God has entrusted… to his people.” So how are we to do that?
Well let me suggest how not to do it, first. I encourage you.. please don’t become a “Bible thumper.” I believe the Bible from cover to cover. But, I have known people who are constantly quoting Bible verses and it can become a turn off. A “Bible thumper” is someone who is constantly… quoting the Bible.. beating someone over the head with the Bible. Again… I believe the Bible but we need to be careful in how we use it.
So, we’ve covered how NOT to do it… How do we “defend the faith.” If you hear someone say something that is not Biblically accurate… softly… offer a word of correction. And, you may not do it in front of other people… you have to pick and choose your spots… you may get the person off to the side and correct them. Then again, there are times when you must publicly correct someone. Again… you must pick and choose your spots.
But, be sure you are living in consistency with the teaching of Scripture. If you cuss or tell ugly jokes or you are constantly criticizing your church or Pastor or, if you gossip a lot…. you don’t need to correct anyone.. you need to get your own life cleaned up.
One of the best things you can do is let others see Jesus in you.
So, yes, there are times when we need to speak up and defend the faith… just ask the Spirit for discernment on when to do it and make sure you are living for Christ on a daily basis.

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